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Program for children and youth who need support

Purpose of the Child and Youth Witness Support Program:

To support children and youth who are required to provide testimony in court.

Who the program is intended to help:

Children and youth referred by:

in order to prepare them for giving testimony in court.

Parents of a young person who is testifying in court can also be provided with information and support to help their child/ren through the court process.

What benefits will the program bring to participants?

 Description of the program:

A support worker is available to meet with parents and children to assess children’s needs for court.

Services include:

Cost: There is no fee for these services

Contact information:

If you would like to access child and youth witness support services or would like more information, please contact the Support Worker by telephone at 613-233-8478 or by TTY at 613-233-1866.

This program is subsidized by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General

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