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Program for victims of family violence

Purpose of the Program: For children who are witnesses and victims of spousal abuse:

The overall goal of the Program is to provide individual and group intervention in order to help children cope with the consequences of being exposed to domestic violence. Concurrently it also provides support to the mothers to empower them, as mothers, in the healing process of their child.

Growing up in an environment filled with abuse or neglect can bring about sudden or gradual changes in the lives of the children. They may receive serious injuries or present serious emotional difficulties that may be behavioural or cognitive in nature. We quite recognize the impact of having children exposed to domestic violence; they are not merely passive observers. Similarly we recognize that supporting the mothers in the identification of their own needs and options as well as informing them on the various resources available, may help them in protecting and caring for their children.

Who the program is intended to help:

Francophone children and adolescents aged from 6 to 15 who have been exposed to, have witnessed and are victims of domestic abuse. In a group format children are grouped by age level.

What benefits will the program bring to participants:

The intervention makes it possible for children to:

And for mothers, the intervention makes it possible to:

Description of the Program

A meeting with a counsellor will help identify the effects of violence and the needs of the children and their mother.

The Program provides:

Cost: The service is free.

Financial help is available if needed for transportation and babysitting. Language interpretation and sign language interpretation available as needed.

Contact information:

If you would like more information about the program or access services, please contact the Child Witness Counsellor by telephone at 613-233-8478 or by TTY at 613-233-1866.

This program is subsidized by the Ministry of Community and Social Services

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